“Building Capacity in Indian Country” Since 2005

KIVA Institute, LLC is a Native American owned and operated company dedicated to “Building Capacity in Indian Country”.  KIVA offers a wide range of services to promote capacity building for tribal nations; and for federal and local agency service providers.

KIVA was established to provide specialized and customized training and consulting services to tribal nations on all aspects of Public Law 93-638, the Indian Self-Determination & Education Assistance Act, and related programs.  KIVA’s staff and associates have over 75 years of combined, specialized experience and knowledge of the Act.  We take pride in being Indian Country’s authority on the Indian Self-Determination Act.

KIVA’s services have expanded into other areas of tribal governance, economic development, transportation and infrastructure development, construction planning and design, master land use planning, strategic planning, investment counseling; and alternative and renewable energy development.  We provide these services with the goal of enhancing relationships between tribal nations and funding agencies and to help tribal nations reach their goals of self-determination and maintaining their sovereignty.

Our seminars are tailored to meet the needs of tribal nations, tribal organizations & service agencies

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What Is The Meaning of KIVA?

Kiva is an underground sacred ceremonial chamber where knowledge of our culture, traditions and oral history are practiced and perpetuated throughout generations; and where prayers are made for the goodness of all mankind. It is in this context that we selected KIVA as the name for our company, so that we may share our knowledge and experience for your benefit. are Natives helping Natives.