Why I Should Attend?

Congratulations!  Your contract or grant has been funded.  Writing a successful grant proposal is one thing, but administering it is another. Being able to understand and answer questions like: the project impacts of indirect costs; how and where to bank the grant funds; how to track grant funding received, submitting financial and program reports, and the amount of match made towards the grant – is critical to grant success, and to your tribe or tribal organization.

Who Should Attend?

This interactive two-day workshop is designed for both novice and experienced tribal grant writers, tribal officials, program directors and managers, tribal administrators, planners, tribal non-profit organizations; and tribal communities.


What Will I Learn?

• Effective grant contract negotiation strategies and what you need to know to protect tribal sovereignty.
• Staffing techniques for efficient personnel and resource allocation to carry out the grant project/program.
• How to select the right grant administration software for your organization and your budget.
• How to develop efficient Excel grant tracking spreadsheets, if your agency cannot afford special software.
• How to put aside funds for required grant matches and how to track in-kind resource utilization.
• How to craft winning progress reports and evaluation documents; including completion of the Federal Financial Report, SF-425.
• Successful budget implementation that remains mindful of overhead and indirect cost impacts.
• Compliance with the new OMB guidance concerning audit requirements, cost principles and financial reporting requirements.
• How to begin writing your grants with grant administration and evaluation in mind.
• Techniques for hosting timely and effective grant progress meetings.
• Effective Work Plan implementation, invoicing, and project amendment development.
• How to weave SMART objective and goal tracking into periodic progress reports.
• Preparing for the funding agency`s site visit and/or potential audit, and much more.