Why I Should Attend?

Congress passed Public Law 93-638, the Indian Self-Determination & Education Assistance Act on January 4, 1975, to provide opportunities for Indian tribes and designated tribal organizations to assume control of and operate federal programs and design them to meet the unique needs of the tribes.  Since 1975, this law has been amended several times by Congress to provide for increased control and leverage for tribes.  Most, if not all, tribes now operate these programs under Pub. L. 93-638, but many are unaware of their rights under the Act.  Likewise, federal officials who have oversight responsibilities may not know the principles and intent of the Act because of lack of in-house knowledge of the Act.  Knowledge is power.  Knowing the laws and rules will help tribes assert and protect their sovereign rights when contracting and compacting under the Act.

This course could be appropriately titled “Everything you always wanted to know about ‘638 but were afraid to ask”. This course is one of a kind in Indian Country. It course focuses on the inherent rights of tribal nations and tribal organizations under the Indian Self-Determination Act. No other training organization has the detailed and practical knowledge and experience in the Indian Self-Determination Act like the instructors at the KIVA Institute.


Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for tribal council members and other tribal officials, tribal school boards, health boards, commissions, chartered organizations, program managers; accounting and grants/contracts staff; tribal attorneys; federal contracting staff including Awarding Officials, AOTRs, federal line officers; and consultants

What Will I Learn?

  • How to exercise your tribal sovereign rights under the Indian Self-Determination Act
  • Evolution of Indian Law & Policy as it relates to Indian Self-Determination Act
  • Unique contractual relationships under the Act (Waiver of Federal Procurement Rules)
  • L. 93-638 Statutes and Regulations
  • Secretary’s & tribes’ roles & responsibilities under the Act
  • Role of the Federal Awarding Official and the Awarding Officials’ Technical Representative
  • Contracting and Compacting Processes
  • Special construction contracting rules
  • Importance of Secretarial Funding Levels including Contract Support Costs (Indirect Costs), Direct Contract Support Costs, Pre-Award Costs, Start-Up Funding
  • Special presentation on Contract Support Costs (Indirect Costs) & current litigation
  • Highlights on the new OMB regulations and impacts on programs.
  • Single Audit Act and Audit Resolution Process (Alternative Dispute Resolution Act)
  • Contract Disputes Act& Federal Tort Claims Act

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