KIVA provides customized services as may be needed by tribal nations, tribal organizations and Federal agency service providers. We have been asked by Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Service representatives could provide courses to meet the annual training certification requirements for Awarding Officials, Awarding Officials’ (AO), Technical Representatives (AOTR), and Subordinate Awarding Officials’ Technical Representatives (SAOTR).

The “KIVA Institute’s Awarding Official Certification Series” is intended to provide information on the courses we offer that meets the minimum federal training requirements but adds other courses we believe are relevant to an AO’s duties and responsibilities.  Awarding Officials should have knowledge of:

  • Indirect Cost Principles and how Indirect Cost Rates work.
  • The legislative intent of Contract Support Costs and the pools of funds that pay for indirect cost rates, direct contract support costs, startup and pre-award costs.
  • The “OMB Super Circular”.  The Super Circular covers federal cost principles and annual audit requirements, but it also covers some basic disclosure requirements that apply to 638 contracts.
  • And, all federal personnel (AO’s and Line Officers) should have working knowledge of the basic tenets of the Indian Self-Determination Act, and what the legislative intent was of the U.S. Congress in passing the Indian Self-Determination Act.

The full Awarding Officials Brochure provides background information for our courses and explains why AO’s (and others) should attend these courses.

Our instructors have hands-on experience and practical knowledge to teach these courses.  We offer these courses throughout the year at various locations.  See our website for updates on our schedules.  We can also provide on-site training at locations selected by our clients, or hold video training conferences (or webinars).  All of our courses come with training manuals and reference materials; and training completion certificates.

We guarantee our courses by providing post-training technical assistance to all our attendees at no additional cost.  If our attendees have questions they can contact us via our toll-free telephone number or email; and we would provide the answers free of charge.

We also issue periodic Guidance Memoranda on how to apply and implement rules pertaining to Pub. L. 93-638 agreements, such as:

  • Calculating direct contract support costs; preparing to assume (contract or compact) programs under Pub. L. 93-638
  • Applying the cost principles in the Super Circular and the unique cost principles in Pub. L. 93-638 .

What Is The Meaning of KIVA?

Kiva is an underground sacred ceremonial chamber where knowledge of our culture, traditions and oral history are practiced and perpetuated throughout generations; and where prayers are made for the goodness of all mankind. It is in this context that we selected KIVA as the name for our company, so that we may share our knowledge and experience for your benefit. are Natives helping Natives.