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$850; Federal Grants Management Principles 10/19 – 10/21

10/19 – 10/21   Las Vegas, NV

Why I Should Attend?

Most, if not all Indian tribes, tribal organizations, nonprofit organizations, etc., operate programs funded by the federal government. As such, they must know federal rules that apply to their specific awards; and to grant awards in general, from applying for discretionary grants to receiving and accepting the grant awards, to administering the grant award, financial reports and narrative reports, grant closeout; and annual audits. Awardees need to know financial management rules and cost principles that apply to their awards; grant matching requirements, rules that apply to equipment purchases, etc. This course covers the regulations in the Office of Management & Budget’s Uniform Administrative Requirements, commonly referred to as Super Circular.


Who Should Attend?

Tribal council members, boards of directors, tribal executive directors, program directors and managers, tribal grant writers, finance and accounting staff, tribal audit firms, tribal consultants.

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