Why I Should Attend?

The Indian Self-Determination Act (Act) provides, in Title IV and VI, for tribes and tribal organizations to enter into “Self-Governance Compacts” with the Secretary of Interior and Secretary of Health and Human Services.  The Act provides that tribes that have demonstrated financial stability and financial management capability by not having significant material audit exceptions in the preceding three (3) years of audits, are eligible to enter into Self-Governance Compacts.

Titles I of the Act provides a statutory foundation for Titles IV and VI Self-Governance Compacts.  In fact, the Act provides that tribes that may decide to adopt some, or all of the provisions of Title I into their Self-Governance Compacts.  Thus, it is encouraged that attendees should first receive training under Module 2 of this certification series (Indian Self-Determination Act; Law and Administration) in order  to gain a better understanding of the differences between contracts and compacts.  In the alternative, Awarding Officials who monitor Self-Governance Compacts, should attend this course instead of Module 2.

This 3-day course begins with an overview of the history of the Evolution of Federal Indian Law and Policy; and an overview of the legislative history of the Act.  Similar to Module 2, the course provides, detailed instruction on the statutory provisions of the Act and its implementing regulations at 25 CFR Part 900.  Then the course proceeds to a full discussion on the unique provisions of Titles IV and VI, as appropriate, and the implementing regulations at 25 CFR 1000.  Finally, the course concludes with a side-by-side analysis of Title I, Title IV, and Title VI, to afford the attendee a better understanding of the differences between Titles IV and VI as they relate to Department of Interior programs and Department of Health and Human Services programs.

This course is also recommended for  tribes and tribal organizations (and their federal agencies) that contemplate converting to Self-Governance Compacts, to learn the fundamentals of Titles IV and VI before they enter into planning activities.