Why I Should Attend?

Microsoft Office has become the standard in the business industry. A lot of people use the software yet many do not know how to fully utilize the productivity-boosting features.

Most people know “just enough” to get by. You will be amazed at what you have been missing! Your organization made the investment, it`s time you take full advantage of this amazing software.


  • Is User Friendly
  • Is Everywhere
  • Has the Essential Tools needed to produce documents
  • Is Loaded with Features
  • Word can import some Excel and PowerPoint files.

Each day will feature a mini “bonus” session: – MS Note; – MS OneDrive; and – MS Office Docs and Accounts.

Who Should Attend?

This interactive seminar is recommend for ALL users of MS Office software – this includes almost everyone who owns a computer.  To get the most of our this seminar, we highly recommend you bring your PC or laptop to the class.

What Will I Learn?

How to access, navigate, and use, the most commonly used AND advanced features of the software. This course focuses on Microsoft applications that are today’s industry standards: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You will learn how to benefit from the other productivity-boosting MS applications by integrating them into your daily routine.

You will gain confidence and familiarity with the most widely-used Microsoft Office software applications and create numerous templates for daily document creation. You will receive hands-on practice exercises that will improve your overall skill level with Microsoft Office.

You will leave with valuable information to continue honing your Microsoft Office expertise.