Why I Should Attend?

Awarding Officials play a vital role in many aspects of contracts awarded under Public Law 93-638 (Act), including awarding, administering, monitoring, ensuring proper closeout; and taking any remedial action to address contract compliance issues when necessary.  Awarding Officials serve as an official agent of the Federal government with authority to commit the Federal government to legal contracts and agreements.  Awarding Officials are responsible for ensureing annual audits are conducted and that audit findings are addressed; and issuing determinations and findings; and taking appropriate action to address compliance issues.

Serving as Awarding Official under the Act requires a formal designation and Delegation of Authority from the appropriate Federal supervisory Line Officer.  The Awarding Official has the authority to designate subordinate representatives to assist in monitoring the Federal awards.  Awarding Officials and subordinates are subject to strict Federal code of Ethics and business conduct rules.  Awarding Officials are protected by Federal regulations and policies from interference or influence by higher level Federal officials to render appropriate decisions and to take appropriate decisions and to take appropriate action to remedy contract compliance issues.

To perform properly, an warding Official must have a detailed and working knowledge of applicable Federal statutes and regulations, Federal contract rules, Federal appropriations, financial management and reporting requirements.  The Awarding Official must have a thorough understanding of the Act as it is a unique statute that acknowledges the sovereignty of Indian tribes, and provides special waivers of Federal procurement regulations.  Decisions of Awarding Officials are subject to critical review by tribes and tribal organizations; and may be disputed by tribes and tribal organizations under the Contract Disputes Act, and which may result in legal action in Federal district courts and by the U.S. Supreme Court.

This course provides an overview of the authorities, duties and responsibilities of Awarding Officials and their subordinates.  This course is a prerequisite to all of the training courses included in this memorandum.  It can also be substituted to satisfy the annual certification or renewal training.  More detailed instruction is provided in each training module included in the training series.