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Awarding Officials Certification Series

April 2 & 3, 2020 – Tulalip Casino & Resort – Tulalip, WA

Why I Should Attend?

Administrative costs, overhead costs, or indirect costs is a cost of doing business. It is a cost tribes and tribal
organizations incur in operating the tribe and when operating programs, be it federally-funded programs or funded
by charitable organizations. To cover their indirect costs, tribes and tribal organizations must develop and negotiatean Indirect Cost Rate Agreement with the federal government to be applied to their federal awards. Tribes that are unable to complete their annual financial audits are not able to negotiate indirect cost rate agreements. Some tribes have old indirect cost rate agreements that do not reflect true tribal overhead costs. And many federal agencies, by regulation, cannot provide funding for outdated Indirect Cost Rate Agreements.

It is important that tribes and tribal organizations learn how to prepare their own Indirect Cost Rate Proposals insteadof relying on outside consultants. The Office of Management & Budget issued new rules, commonly referred to as the“Super Circular” affecting tribal indirect cost rates. The Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Service also issued their Contract Support Cost Policies addressing Contract Support Costs (Indirect Costs) and how they can comply with full payment provisions in the Indian Self-Determination Act. Many tribes are not aware of Contract Support Cost policies so they are not able to take full advantage of additional funding for their programs such as Direct Contract Support Costs.

KIVA has developed a hands-on course to cover techniques of preparing tribal cost allocation plans, reviewing tribal indirect cost pools, assessing tribal organizational structures; and addressing other issues that will have financial impacts to the tribes, prior to preparing an Indirect Cost Rate Proposal. Tribes should be able to structure the best indirect cost strategy that will maximize the recovery of overhead costs. It is recommended that participants first attend the “Indirect Cost Principles & Contract Support Costs” course as a prerequisite to this course. Topics will include:

Who Should Attend?

Tribal council members, chartered organizations school boards, health boards, tribal, program directors and managers; tribal grants/contracts staff, finance and accounting staff; tribal attorneys, tribal consultants.  Federal officials and federal awarding officials, federal contracting officers and their subordinates should also attend.

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