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Awarding Officials Certification Series

Why I Should Attend?

Tribally controlled grant schools are operated under P.L. 93-638 and P.L. 100-297 and their regulations.  This seminar will give attendees a clear understanding of the statutes and regulations, their rights and their responsibilities.  The new OMB Super Circular provisions will be highlighted to ensure compliance and to prepare schools for changes.

Who Should Attend?

School Administrators, School Board Members, Program Managers, Accounting Staff.

What Will I Learn?

Discretionary programs are passed through the BIE from the Department of Education and state to the schools. The nuances of program funding for entitlement and discretionary programs, including facilities operations and maintenance, will be explained. An overview of the Super Circular as it applies to education funding will also be provided.

This seminar will help you understand the statutes and regulations relative to funding provisions and requirements.

2018 W-9 Form

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