AO Certification Series

“KIVA Institute’s Awarding Official Certification Series” is intended to provide information on the courses we offer that meets the minimum federal training requirements but adds other courses we believe are relevant to an AO’s duties and responsibilities.

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Training Events

Looking to get the answers to the questions you have?  Seeking to maximize your training dollar?  We can help.  KIVA`s seminars have proven to be highly educational, providing insight with hands-on experience into the complex world of rules, regulations, laws and management.  Get the answers you deserve.

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On-site Training

Trained, competent professionals are critical to efficiency of your organization.  However, travel expenses and time away from the office often limit who can attend important training.

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Technical Assistance 

Governments often face unique challenges. Their mandate is to deliver a wide range of services and development projects in visible, multi-stakeholder climates with limited resources, limited finances, budgetary controls, and short deadlines. Even in difficult economic circumstances, these entities are still expected to deliver excellent public services.  KIVA can help.

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Have Questions?

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What Is The Meaning of KIVA?

Kiva is an underground sacred ceremonial chamber where knowledge of our culture, traditions and oral history are practiced and perpetuated throughout generations; and where prayers are made for the goodness of all mankind. It is in this context that we selected KIVA as the name for our company, so that we may share our knowledge and experience for your benefit. are Natives helping Natives.